Smart Home Control with the Connexoon RTS Access

Connexoon centres around access to and from your home, providing smart control of your garage door, gate and lighting. Operating with geolocation to anticipate your departure and arrival, Connexoon allows you to control up to 30 products from your phone remotely.

These videos introduce the features and benefits of using Connexoon Access.

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Watch the complete overview of the Connexoon Access RTS from Somfy.

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What are the main features of the Connexoon Access RTS?

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Connexoon has been designed so it is quick and simple to set up.

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Pairing your smartphone to the Connexoon box is easy.

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Available for iOS and Android smart phones, download the app and log in.

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Add products with ease using the Connexoon smart phone app.

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Naming your products makes identifying your devices easy.

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Customise your mode settings such as the 'coming home' mode.

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The Connexoon Access RTS app has many additional features.

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What makes Connexoon Access RTS so great?

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Check out our latest featured video

Connexoon from AlluGuard

Watch the complete overview of the Connexoon Access RTS from Somfy here or, alternatively, skip straight to the information you need by choosing a video from the list.