Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Insulated roller garage doors are wonderfully simple in everyday use thanks to smart technology. The videos here introduce the clever features on AlluGuard insulated roller garage doors, with full range details available in our brochure, which can be downloaded here.

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They open at the touch of a button - safe and effortless opening every time!

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They take up less space than any other type garage of door on the market.

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They make extra space by fitting neatly behind the opening.

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They are Police Approved for security - protect your valuable items!

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They keep out the weather so your garage is not a draughty no-go area.

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They look simply stunning, classic and contemporary in equal measure.

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AlluGuard 77 & 55 - What’s the difference? All the features only smaller!

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They are certified quality assured and safe for your peace of mind.

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They are covered by fair and full warranties of two and five years.

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Download our brochure for a complete view of the full product range.

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Check out our latest featured video

Remote control as standard

Remote control is a standard feature that makes using your door effortless and secure.  No need to get out of your car on a wet and windy night! With a range of controls available, choosing the ideal way to operate your doors couldn’t be easier. Remote control, wall switch, keypad…