Smart Home Control with the Somfy Tahoma Home Hub

Home automation from AlluGuard is easy with the Somfy Tahoma Home Hub. Turn your home into a smart home – control your garage door, lighting, security and a host of smart technology around your home from your smartphone, tablet or pc… …from anywhere in the world!

These videos introduce the features and benefits of using a Somfy Tahoma Home Hub, with full range details available in our brochure, which can be downloaded here.

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Control your smart home effortlessly with Somfy Tahoma Home Hub.

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What is the Somfy Tahoma Home Hub? The heart of your smart home!

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What are the features and benefits of the garage door opening sensor?

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Protecting your high value items is easy with Tahoma garage security.

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Receive leak notifications by installing a Tahoma water leak detector.

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Receive instant notification should your door or window be tampered with.

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Keep an eye on your home with Tahoma's indoor security solutions.

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What are the features and benefits of the indoor security camera?

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The wireless Tahoma temperature or light sensor is easily positioned.

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Control any device up to 3kW with a smart plug by remote control.

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Keep your home safe with instant smoke detection notifications.

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Predominantly wireless, Tahoma accessories are easy to set up!

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Check out our latest featured video

Home automation with AlluGuard

If you have a Somfy Rollixo controlled roller garage door you can now also control your roller garage door through a Somfy Tahoma Home Hub and include your garage door in your smart home world!